The Vigilante

by Dan Martinez

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From the short "Red Dead Vengeance"


He rides alone atop his trusted steed,
along the dusty trail with all due haste and speed.
The winding path will lead him to the soon condemned.
His carbine 45, his only friend.

He closes in to seek out the deadly prey.
Dead or alive for their sins they’re sure to pay.
He stares them down, daring them to draw
and play the fatal game of vigilantly law.

The vigilante,
staring straight ahead.
The vigilante,
his vision clad in red.
The vigilante,
crossing of the names of the dead.

He scans the town for bounty 22,
draws on his cigarette before he draws old blue.
He’ll shoot you full of lead ‘till his canister runs dry,
The powder burst, his only battle cry.

Quick as a flash, stealthy as a snake,
He’ll gun you down before you’ve made your first mistake.
Never will his face betray his coming move
His rising body count leaves nothing left to prove.


released September 17, 2014
Lead Vocals: Dan Martinez
Guitars: Karl Kerfoot
Bass: Cooper Appelt
Drums: Jake Reed
Backup Vocals: Karl Kerfoot, Becca Hardy

Written and Produced by Dan Martinez




Dan Martinez Los Angeles, California

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